Meeting at Hasan Prishtina University of Prishtina, April 20223
Meeting at Fan S. Noli University of Korca, September 2022
Meeting at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, March 2022
Meeting at University of Nueringen-Geislingen, Germany, September 2021
Central campus, NGU
Second SC meeting at NGU
Impressions about Practice Partners at NGU
Campus of Savonia UAS
Cattle grazing in the pasture
International student evening
Luke Natural resources institute, partner of Savonia UAS
Technologies and operational models in primary production
Traditionell summer feelings on a Finnish nature
Students training, Department of Animal Sciences, AUT
Center of Agricultural Technology Transfer in Korca
Practical training of students from University of Korca
Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, University of Prishtina
Students activities of University of Prishtina
University of Mitrovica
Students activities of University of Mitrovica
Second International Workshop at AUT
Activities of University of Korca about DualAFS
Activities of University of Mitrovica for DualAFS