The list of work packages is presented below and structured according to three main types:


  • WP1 – Project constitution

The aim of the WP1 is to set-up the project base at the partner institutions in terms of organisational responsibilities with regard to the project tasks and topics (Virtual Project Platform, Kick-Off meeting, Partnership Agreement). The WP1 starts with the beginning of the project and lasts until month 5, the main WP activities establish the base for implementation of further WPs of the type ‘development’


  • WP2 – Baseline Survey Research

The overall purpose of the survey is to identify target group and needs‐oriented contents for the dual curricula in livestock, agribusiness and food quality and safety in Kosovo and Albania, as well as for life long training. The Baseline Survey Research to be implemented until month 9, since it provides prerequisite for implementation of the WP3 and WP4.

  • WP3 – Capacity building and teaching materials

The work package includes all steps of the intended capacity building of teachers from assessing the specific needs and demands, planning the trainings and material development, doing the elaboration work of materials and etc., realising intermediate exchange and analyzing the results. Capacity development is targeted on staff being involved in realizing new and updated study programs, including innovative elements in E‐learning. Therefore, in‐depth training to familiarize with new contents and methods is foreseen with the mobilities. Thus, the WP3 fosters academic mobility as well as inter-institutional exchange and collaboration among partner universities.

  • WP4 – Curriculum Development

WP4 aims on the elaboration of two curricula of dual studies and their implementation on AUT (Dual bachelor curricula in Livestock and Animal Product Safety as Alternative Study program) and UNIKO (Dual bachelor curricula in Agribusiness). Considering the new deadline for internal curricula accreditation within the piloting institutions on October 2021, the WP4 activities, related to the development of the new dual curricula should start immediately with the project begin und will be finalized until month 10 of the project. WP4 activities on study and student travel implementation as well as on evaluation report on curricula development will take place as initially planned starting from the month 21 of the project.

  • WP5 – Equipment

WP5 includes activities related to the equipment purchase. Where it comes to purchase and instalment of E-Learning equipment, WP5 also includes activities on staff training and know-how transfer in the area of e-learning. In order to utilize the purchased equipment during the project, all activities, related to specification, purchase, instalment and inventory of the equipment will be finalized within the 1st project year.

  • WP6 – Approval for piloting and accreditation

WP6 on approval and accreditation of the developed new curricula is closely related to WP2, WP3 and WP4. Due to its complexity, approval and accreditation processes have been given their own independent WP and a WP leader in order for the Steering Commitee to have direct monitoring and control over the approval and accreditation processes. The detailed WP6‐plan will operationalize the process into small steps to be monitored. The Quality Register will state quality standards for outputs from WP2, WP3 and WP4 that will make sure that those outputs are aligned with the specific needs of the different steps in WP6.


  • WP7 – Quality Plan Elements

The activities in WP7 aim on ensuring the project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) measures and quality assurance (QA). The main target areas are:

  1. a) the monitoring and evaluation of the project progress and results achievement and b) the definition and application of quality standards for the developed new curricula, e-learning teaching materials, units for LLL and staff training, where quality assessment and approval for the designed study programs take place in connection with the accreditation process within WP 6.
  • WP8 – Dissemination of project activities and results

Purpose of WP8 is to ensure that the project activities and exploitation of results are well supported by project information and communication within the participating institutions and beyond to other stakeholders in Albania and Kosovo. Besides this, the wider national and international audience is addressed as far as it concerns to bridge universities’ activities with business sector in order to facilitate the cooperation for successful implementation of dual studies.

  • WP9 – Project management

The WP9 realizes project coordination, communication within the project partnership, financial management, reporting and risk management. This WP also includes official reporting and communication to the Executive Agency. This WP will also aim at maintaining transparent and professional communication within the consortium and with the Executive Agency.